Most Common Auto Repairs

Almost every vehicle will need repairs completed at some point, which is little surprise when you consider just how amazingly complex machines they are. With repairs varying from minor issues that can be fixed in a day to much more significant problems that may require a massive amount of time and care, you can almost guarantee that your car or truck will need to visit an auto repair shop at some stage.

Most mechanics will deal with a range of common auto repairs, and many of these can be avoided with bit of care and maintenance. Check out some of the most common auto repairs seen today – it may help you avoid them yourself in the future!


Brakes are up there with the most common auto repairs. This is down to the fact that brake systems naturally deteriorate over time, with frequent use of brake pads causing the system to weaken and eventually break.

While the most common type of auto repairs, it’s one of the easiest to repair, so a mechanic can get the work done quickly and without issue in most cases. To help avoid this, be sure to do brake maintenance such as regular flushing of break fluids, reducing vehicle weight, and avoiding sudden braking whenever possible.


Perhaps obvious for anyone that’s had the misfortune of blowing a tire or discovering a flat, tires are among the most common repairs for all vehicles. The reason for this is rather simple – tires are constantly in use.

This makes them immediately more susceptible to accidental damage such as punctures from objects on the road while also naturally wearing away the rubber. Worn-out tires can still be used, but they are quite dangerous to drive with and could end up causing a significant crash – tires impact the suspension, braking, and steering of a vehicle, so never take the risk!

Tire care is easy enough to maintain – check out these tips (hyperlink to tire care article)


Replacing a battery is another common, and thankfully inexpensive auto repair that can be done without much fuss. Car batteries, like any other battery, lose their juice eventually and have to be replaced, otherwise your vehicle won’t be starting!

Most mechanics will charge for a new battery and include the installation fee because it’s such a common repair.

Oil Change

While not technically a full-blown repair, getting an oil change is very important for the long-term care of a vehicle, so should certainly be taken care of.

A vehicle should usually receive an oil change after a few thousand miles, but most drivers will leave it much longer until doing so. This is never a good idea, as regular oil changes help to keep the engine in the best working condition, helping to avoid more serious types of repair issues down the line!


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