How Much Is an Oil Change at Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube oil change prices offer great value for money and are available in various categories. This makes sense as different vehicles use different types of oil, and Jiffy Lube aims to provide all of these for their customers.

Starting at just $38 and never exceeding $68.50, Jiffy Lube’s oil change prices are some of the best in the industry. Jiffy Lube oil change costs are based on the type of oil used during the service, with conventional, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic options available.

The costs of these increase due to the overall quality of the oil, with synthetic recognized as one of the best types out there for the long-term maintenance of your vehicle. So it is great to see that even the costliest Jiffy Lube oil change service still offers value for money.

Conventional Oil Change
under 5 qarts
Semi Synthetic Oil Change$58.50
Fully Synthetic Oil Change$68.50
Starting Price
Alignment $69.99

Jiffy Lube Oil Change and Other Services

There are many other Jiffy Lube services available, so whether you need an affordable oil change or some repairs to your car they will have you covered. These services cover all of the standard automotive services, including repairs and maintenance available for brakes, air conditioning, tires and wheels, suspension, drive train, batteries and engines.

All of Jiffy Lube’s services come with great rates much like their oil changes, with some really competitive prices available for all of your automotive needs.

For example, services for brakes begin at just $169.99, and you can get wheel alignment services for just $69.99, which is among some of the best rates going in the auto service industry. You will notice that these affordable rates area available for each of Jiffy Lube’s services, so be sure to head down when you need repairs or maintenance completed on your car!

Jiffy Lube Coupons and Offers

Even with fantastic rates for most of their services, there are various ways to find further savings and discounts for all of Jiffy Lube’s automotive services. For one they run a number of deals and coupons over on their website, meaning you can find even more great deals and could very well save a few dollars for the service you need!

While this may not guarantee you discounts for Jiffy Lube oil change prices, there is every chance you get a fantastic coupon that offers plenty of savings. To find these deals and coupons, simply head over to the Jiffy Lube website and visit the ‘Coupons & Offers’ page.

Here you will find various coupons that offer discounts on a range of services. Be sure to make the most of these while you can, as they tend to run for limited periods, so take advantage of them while they are there!

You can also find out information about the latest promotions currently available at each Jiffy Lube location!

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