Retro Fitness Membership Prices 2020

Are you wondering how much a retro fitness membership costs? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is a definitive guide of all Retro Fitness prices, including how much the different Retro Fitness membership options cost and what you get with this membership.

Paid in Full
Paid in Full

Choosing the right gym is difficult when there are so many options out there. Knowing the price of a Retro Fitness membership is a great way to help you determine whether the gym is suitable for you. Check the price tables and information below for everything you need to know about Retro Fitness membership costs.

How Much Does a Retro Fitness Membership Cost?

Retro Fitness membership prices are straight-forward to understand. They have membership options for a single location or for multiple locations. This is great because anyone using just one gym can save some money, while adding multiple locations isn’t that expensive. 

Prices for Standard Retro Fitness Membership for a Single Location

A great thing about Retro Fitness monthly membership prices is how affordable they are! For example, a membership to Retro Fitness costs just $19.99 per month! This works out at just $239.88 for the entire year, making a Retro Fitness membership price one of the cheapest around.

Prices for a Retro Fitness Membership for a Multiple Locations

Should you need access to multiple Retro Fitness locations, common for people that travel for work, there is a membership that offers this. The price for a Retro Fitness membership with multiple club locations costs only $29.99 ($359.88 per year). This is only a minor increase over the single club membership option, so Retro Fitness prices remain very affordable.

What Do I Get with a Retro Fitness Membership?

Considering the affordable price of a Retro Fitness membership, it’s safe to say you’re getting good value for money. A membership with this gym gives you access to a variety of high-end fitness equipment, including cardio machines, strength training machines, and free weights.

If you like working out as part of a group, Retro Fitness has you covered. Not only is there a range of fitness classes at every location but also small group strength condition and tea workouts. This is great for working out with others to help you stay motivated to hit those fitness goals!

Personal one on one training is also available, with each certified trainer developing a custom-made fitness regime for your needs.

There is also a range of great facilities at each club, including a kid’s club, smoothie bar, fitness store, and various group classes.

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