Looking for more information on CorePower Yoga membership prices? Then look no further than this comprehensive price guide for CorePower Yoga. As the country’s largest yoga studio chain, CorePower Yoga offers one of the most complete yoga experiences for its members.

So, if you’re looking to get into the shape of your life then CorePower Yoga is worth consideration. Check the price tables and guides below for all the info you need on prices for CorePower Yoga memberships.

CorePower Yoga Prices

Black Tag Membership
(unlimited yoga, workshops, 20% off on teacher boot camps and classes)
Individual Class#14 - $23.00
5 Class$59.00
10 Class$109
20 class$215 - $340

How Much is a CorePower Yoga Membership?

The great thing about CorePower Yoga is the various membership options available. Each one is flexible and doesn’t require long-term commitment, while it’s possible to freeze memberships until you want to reconvene.

Better still, you can easily purchase short-term memberships that provide a batch of classes to take whenever you want. For instance, if sign up for five classes at CorePower Yoga, you can take them whenever you want – there is no expiration date.

There are several CorePower Yoga membership pricing options currently available!

CorePower Yoga Black Tag Membership Prices

CorePower Yoga’s Black Tag Membership offers exceptional value for money, providing you with unlimited yoga classes and workshops. You also get discounts on teacher boot camps and other special classes being held at your local CorePower Yoga studio.

For instance, this CorePower Yoga membership costs just $144 per month. It’s a great rate considering the individual cost ($23) and quality of individual classes! This offers the best value for money of any CorePower Yoga membership, although you may want to try a few classes before signing up!

Thankfully, CorePower Yoga makes it easy to try out their classes with other memberships.

CorePower Yoga Class Prices

Rather than forcing you into a long-term membership, CorePower Yoga class prices are designed to be flexible. For instance, if you purchase a membership for five classes, these are available whwnever you want and don’t have any expiration date.

Prices and Costs