Midas Oil Change Prices

While many people will opt to perform the task their self, Midas Oil Change prices are that competitive that anyone wanting to get an affordable oil change completed needn’t look further. The fact that there are a range of oil change services available allows customers to find the best one that suits their automotive needs. Midas oil change prices begin at under $28 for an oil and filter change, which is great for the long-term maintenance of a vehicle, so getting a professional oil change done for a reasonable price is always a positive.

Other Midas oil change prices aren’t much costlier, with the price depending on the type of oil change that is required. For example, a high mileage oil change is only $39.95, while a synthetic oil change will cost $69.99.

Midas Touch
maintenance package
Oil & Filter Change$27.95
High Mileage Oil Change$39.95
Synthetic Blend & Synthetic Oil$69.99
Fuel Injection Service$89.95
Power Steering Fluid Service$89.95
Midas Touch Courtesy CheckFREE
Brake Fluid Service$69.95
Air Conditioning Inspection$39.95
Air Conditioning Diagnosis$87.49
Coolant Service$89.95
Visual Suspension CheckFREE
Hourly labor Rate
Brake Inspection$19.99
Lifetime Guaranteed pads or shoes installed$99.99
Brake Fluid Service$69.99
Clean/adjust drum brakes$43.75
Tire InspectionFREE
Tire Rotation$15.00
Wheel Balance$40.00
Flat Repair$25.00

Other Midas Auto Services Available

Midas provides a wide range of automotive services that are performed by their highly skilled mechanics. There are numerous maintenance packages available that are similar to their oil changes, with brake fluid and fuel injection maintenance service packages a few examples of what’s available.

The Midas Touch is a great example of a comprehensive maintenance package that can help to ensure your car is in top shape, as this service offers visual checks for your brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine filter, automatic transmission fluid, along with coolant and antifreeze checks.

Midas also offers traditional automotive services, including inspections, evaluations and repairs for:

  • Heating and cooling systems (stating at $39.95)
  • Steering and suspension (starting at $69.99 + free visual check)
  • Brake services (starting at $19.99)
  • Tire services (starting at $15.00 + free inspections)

As evidenced by the starting rates for these services, Midas prices are very competitive across the board, ensuring that not just their oil changes are affordable!

How to Save on Your Midas Oil Change

Despite how great Midas oil change prices are, there is always the chance for you to save a bit more – and who doesn’t want to save a few bucks?

To do this, simply head over to the ‘coupons’ tab over at www.midas.com (it’s on the homepage, you can’t miss it!). Then all you need to do is enter you zip/postal code or search via city/state to find coupons that are valid at your local Midas locations.

There may or may not be a coupon for Midas oil change services, but regardless of what service you may get coupon for, it’s well worth checking out for some awesome deals!

About Midas

Midas is a chain of automotive service centers that are located throughout the United States and Canada. They offer a wide range of automotive services at competitive rates, including oil, tires, exhaust, steering, and maintenance services.

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