Fiesta Salon Prices

Reviewing Fiesta Salon Prices; For hairstyle services, $10 upwards is charged for children’s haircut. Women are required to pay $15 upwards to get a haircut while men pay $15 upwards.

Aside haircut, other services like hair coloring costs $55 upwards. $10.99 is charged for Waxing while Bed Tanning attracts a fee of $5 upwards. Hair blowout is priced at $50 upwards, then for Digital Perm Cost you need to contact Fiesta Salon.

Haircuts For Kids$10 & Up
Haircuts For Women$15 & Up
Haircuts For Men$15 & Up
Other Services
Hair Coloring Cost$55 & Up
Waxing Cost$10.99
Bed Tanning Cost$5 & Up
Blowout Cost$50 & Up
Digital Perm CostCall For Price Fee

About Fiesta Salon

Belonging to the Regis Corporation family and a subsidiary brand from Signature Style Salons. Fiesta is a blend of style and affordability. Regis, over the years has succeeded in making rapid expansions and substantial takeovers in the salon industry.

Regis has been reckoned as the largest business group offering hair products, training schools and hair salons.

Fiesta’s growth has been a combination of high demand and the word being spread by happy-satisfied customers.

Renowned as the first salon chain in the Midwest chain when they started out small. Their operations now cut across Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and West Virginia.

Services Offered By Fiesta Salon

Fiesta SalonFiesta offers a complete salon to everyone including kids, men and women. Their range of services cut across hairstyling, cutting, semi/full coloring, conditioning treatments and highlights.

They give every customer their desired look from professional haircuts to prim and sleek cuts. If you love modernity, then Fiesta is at your service. In-house brow and facial waxing are also offered to give you that awesome look.

Even at the peak of their professionalism and quality, their prices are still unbelievable. Quality products from Paul Mitchell, Designline, Redken, Biolage etc are some of Fiesta’s best.

A home recreation exercise can be taken as it being offered by their hair stylists, so it’s time to flaunt those selfies on social media. They offer 20 – 50% on all their outlets across different locations. Interestingly, Fiesta offers gift cards to those who wants to treat their loved ones on special occasions.

Their staff consists of well mannered and qualified hair stylists who do their best to make you feel comfortable and entertained and still give you that awesome look you want.

You don’t need to stress out getting your hairdo at one salon and looking for somewhere else to do some tanning, Fiesta salon has everything covered under one roof.


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