Fit Body Boot Camp Prices

Looking for more information about Fit Body Boot Camp membership prices? Then you are in the right place! This is an extensive guide that covers all the various prices for a Fit Body Boot Camp membership. With locations worldwide and a range of great membership price options, Fit Body Boot Camp offers something for everyone!If you need more info on Fit Body Boot Camp monthly prices, be sure to check out the tables and guides below:

Monthly Fee$100.00
Cancellation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$200.00
Cancellation Fee$100.00

Fit Body Boot Camp Membership Prices

Fit Body Boot Camp offers your typical gym membership plans. These include options for an individual membership and a couple’s membership, although any two people can share the latter!

Fit Body Boot Camp Monthly Prices for a Single Membership

The price of a one-person Fit Body Boot Camp membership is very affordable at $100 per month. This provides access to countless boot camp classes designed to get you into incredible shape in no time at all.

So, if you a gym that offers intense group training sessions throughout the month, this is the membership for you. However, remember if you want to cancel it will cost $50 – even more reason to stick with it!

Fit Body Boot Camp Monthly Prices for a Couple’s Membership

Why not take someone along to your Fit Body Boot Camp sessions for additional motivation? It’s always easier to work out when you have a friend or partner alongside with you!

Fit Body Boot Camp’s monthly prices for a couple’s membership is $200, with a $100 cancellation fee. Of course, with two of you there to motivate each other you won’t be quitting any time soon!

What’s Included with a Fit Body Boot Camp Membership?

Fit Body Boot Camp monthly membership prices don’t give you access to a gym in the traditional sense. Instead, you get access to unlimited boot camp training sessions with other Fit Body Boot Camp members.

Together, you train with professional trainers, taking part in high intensity body workouts each session. These help burn fat and tone muscle, making it easier to lose weight and hit your fitness goals.

The group environment is designed to drive you, with other people helping to keep you going and never quit. It’s also very fun, with a strong community working together for a common goal.

You also get helpful nutritional information from Fit Body Boot Camp trainers, helping to achieve a much healthier lifestyle. So, when combining workouts with nutritional improvements, weight loss and fitness improvements are much easier to achieve.

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