Sports Clips Prices 2020

Looking for info on prices for a haircut at Sports Clips? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created an extensive guide on all prices for haircuts and treatments at Sports Clips. So, you don’t need to walk into your local Sports Clips without knowing any of the prices anymore! So, if you want to know any information about prices for a haircut at Sports Clip then check the tables below!

Adult Haircut$19.49
Junior Varsity
(10 and under)
Senior Varsity
(65 and up)
Haircut & Shower, Massage & Steam$21.99
Haircut & Shampoo,
Massage, Steam and a Head and Shoulder Massage

This trendy barbershop chain provides a premium-quality service, offering men a range of haircut and shaving treatments. Whether you’re wondering the price for a standard haircut at Sports Clip or a complete cut, wash, and massage, Sports Clips haircut prices offer great value for money.

Sports Clip Prices for Haircuts

Sports Clips offer a variety of haircut options for men. Therefore, it’s easy to find a treatment that fits within your budget and preferences.

Standard Sports Clips Haircut Prices

A standard Sports Clips price begins as low $14.99 for juniors. So, if your child is 10 or under then the Sports Clips Junior Varsity is highly recommend!

The standard adult haircut price is also very affordable at just $19.49! Better still, you save even more if you’re aged 65 or over, with the Senior Varsity haircut costing only $16.99.

Triple Play Sport Clips Haircut Prices

Looking for a relaxing treatment that leaves your hair looking its best? Then look n further than Sports Clips’ Triple Play treatment. The Triple Play treatment includes a precision haircut, a hot steamed towel wrap, and a massaging shampoo!

Moreover, these additional treatments aren’t that much more than the standard haircut treatment. For instance, a basic Triple Play haircut price is just $21.99 – only a few dollars more than standard haircut!

Better still, it is possible extend your treatment time for the Triple Play. For example, doubling the treatment time costs just $26.99 while tripling the length is only $31.99!

MVP Sports Clip Haircut Prices

Not only do Sports Clips offer their Triple Play treatment but also the MVP treatment. This offers the same cut, hot towel wrap, and massaging shampoo but also a relaxing neck and shoulder treatment.

The MVP Sports Clip treatment price is only 24.99 for the basic treatment! Also, like with Triple Play, it’s possible to double or triple the treatment duration, costing just $29.99 and $34.99 respectively.

So, if you’re in the market for a great men’s haircut with a nice few extras on top, be sure to check out Sports Clips!

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