Crunch Fitness Prices 2020

Looking for more information on Crunch Fitness membership prices? Then look no further than our extensive Crunch Fitness price guide! Here you’ll find a complete breakdown of all prices for a Crunch Fitness membership. This should give you all the info you need to decide whether Crunch Fitness prices are within your budget!
After all, with so many fitness center chains vying for your business, it helps to know how much each costs. Certain gym memberships cost more than others, so knowing how much a Crunch Fitness membership costs is very useful.

Crunch Fitness Prices
Crunch membership prices
Start Up Fee$20.00
Monthly Fee$14.99
Start Up Fees$20.00
Yearly (Pre-Pay)
(Save 25%)

How Much is a Crunch Fitness Membership?

There are currently two types of memberships at Crunch Fitness. Like most gym chains, the prices for a Crunch Fitness membership varies depending on how much access you need. For instance, Crunch Fitness offers single and multiple club access memberships, with multiple club access being more expensive.

Crunch Fitness Standard Membership Prices

The cost of a Crunch Fitness stadanrd membership is very reasonable, costing just $14.99 per month. Also, there is a $20 start-up fee, which is significantly cheaper than many other gym membership start up fees!

As mentioned, this stadanrd membership is cheaper because it only provides access to a single gym. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as not everyone needs access to more than one gym. For instance, if you have a Crunch Fitness nearby your home, you probably won’t need access to another one!

Crunch Fitness Premium Membership Prices

Anyone that requires access to multiple gyms with a single membership should check out the premium membership from Crunch Fitness. The cost for this membership from Crunch Fitness is slightly more expensive, although you get access to any gym.

For isntance, Crunch Fitness prices for a premium membership cost $89.99 per month. You also get access to various amenities with this membership, such as group classes, live video workouts, and guest privileges.

Better still, the cost of a premium membership at Crunch Fitness is reduced by 25% when paying for the year. Known as pre-pay membership, this costs $988.50, saving members more than $90 compared to paying for a monthly membership.

Crunch Fitness Membership Prices

Crunch Fitness Guest Pass

Not sure if the Crunch Fitness prices are right for you? Then consider taking advantage of their free guest pass policy. If you’re not a member then you can request a free guest pass to see check out Crunch Fitness.

Just contact Crunch Fitness online and request a guest pass for your local club!

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