NTB Tire and Service Centers offer a great number of automotive services ranging from repairs to maintenance. NTB alignment services are an example of an automotive service that are massively important for the maintenance of your car, as improper wheel alignment is a very serious issue that should always be addressed as soon as possible.Wheel alignment refers to angles that each wheel sits at, and each one should always match the specifications of the manufacturers. If not aligned properly there are many risks that face the driver of the vehicle, not to mention other drivers and even possibly pedestrians.

The main risk from wheel alignment problems is a lack of overall control for the driver. That means that if an auto accident were to occur the driver may not be able to react in a safe manner, leading to potential damage to vehicles and possible injury to drivers, passengers or even pedestrians.

Just Once$90.00
One Year$124.00
3 Years$175.00
Just Once$105.00
One Year$124.99
Tire Mounting with Purchase$7.00
Valve Stem ReplacementFREE
One Time Balance9.99
Lifetime Tire Balance$17.99
TPMS Service Kit$7.99
Tire Rotation $19.99
Tire Rotation and Balance$59.95
Road HazardVaries by Vehical
Alignment (6 month)FREE
Wheel Alignment Program$89.99
1 YR Wheel Alignment Program$124.99
3 YR Wheel Alignment Program$179.99
5 YR Wheel Alignment Program$224.99
1 YR Specialty Wheel Alignment Program$174.99

As improper wheel alignment can cause a car to uncontrollably steer in a particular direction, the driver could find that they do not have enough control to react safely to the situation, which could lead to a collision with another vehicle or object.

Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether the wheel alignment of a vehicle is out of place, making it become an undetected risk that could cause some serious damage down the line. It can be easy enough to ruin the wheel alignment of a vehicle, from driving through a pothole to hitting the kerb.

Signs Your Tires Need Aligning

NTB alignment services can thankfully perform repairs in no time at all, with the average alignment service taking around 30 minutes. If you are unsure whether you need NTB’s alignment services to correct a problem with your car, lookout for the following signs:

  • The car pulls to one side
  • The steering wheel isn’t lining up
  • Tires are showing uneven signs of wear and tear.

NTB Alignment Prices

I this sounds like an issue you have with your car, be sure to make the most of NTB’s affordable alignment services. Programs are available where you can get regular alignments over a specified time period, or you can easily stop in for a one-time alignment service to correct the issue when it occurs.

Prices start at as low $90 for car wheel alignments and just $105 for trucks! Programs are available for as low $89.99, with unlimited alignment services included in that time period, ranging from 6 months to 5 years in length.

Prices and Costs