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Comparing Cost Cutters to Supercuts Salon

Are you looking for a new haircut place in a new town and figure a chain is a little safer than taking a chance on someone else?

Maybe you have trusted someone and they have moved on to another career or retired and you are looking for a new stylist to take care of your hair.

Your hair is important! It’s one of the first things people recognize about you and is essential to your style. So you need to have as much information as possible to protect your hair, that’s where we come in.

Supercuts has a big lead in how many of them are around with over 2,400 locations. On the flip side, Cost Cutters has just 600 salons across the country.

Both salons offer haircuts and additional services on a friendly budget, and a staple of the salon community. While they both offer similar services, below we will lay out just how the two are different in styles and cost.

What are the different options for haircuts and what are the costs associated?

Both of these salons have base prices for adults and children alike. This way if you can get everyone a haircut at once which is a huge time saver for families.

Supercuts has a cheaper adult cut with a base cut listed at just $15.99. On the other side, Cost Cutters offers an adult haircut for $17.00.

Cost Cutters is more affordable for a children’s cut, but the difference is razor thin. Cost Cutters will cut your child’s hair for $13.00 while their opponents will cut your child’s hair for $13.99.

For a full service haircut, Cost Cutters makes the pricing decision based on the length of your hair. A full service haircut at Cost Cutters includes haircut, shampoo, conditioning, blow dry and style.

At Supercuts you have a much more carte blanch pricing model. As you can get a haircut with a shampoo and a haircut with a shampoo and a blow dry. For an additional cost as an add-on you can get your hair conditioned or treated with tea tree oil. Cost Cutters will do short hair for $22.49, medium length hair for $24.99, and long hair for $29.99.

Supercuts will do a haircut and a shampoo for $19.99 and will do a haircut, blow dry, and shampoo for $24.99. The tea tree oil treatment costs $15.99.

What kind of additional services do these salons offer and what are the costs?

Here is where the two salons really separate themselves in what they offer, while Cost Cutters focuses on coloring in their additional services, Supercuts focuses much more on typical salon services like waxing.

Highlights at Cost Cutters costs $50 and up, cap highlights cost $55 and up, and foil highlights for full hair cost $60 and up. In the only comparison between the two services is the highlights that Supercuts offers which starts at $33 and up which is cheaper than their counterpart. 

Supercuts offers three different kinds of waxing services. Brow, lip, and chin waxes are all available at Supercuts. The brow wax retails for $9.99, the lip wax retails for $7.99 as does the chin wax. To have a salon technician perform glazing on you the cost is $45 and up.


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