Puppies are adorable and lovable, but they also require a fair amount of training, especially at these formative years! There are plenty of options out there when it comes to puppy training. You can do most of this yourself with some research, while other opt to pay for a professional service.

Petco puppy training is an example of a professional training service, and is viewed as one of the best. This may be down to the affordable costs of Petco puppy training. It’s one of the best priced services out there, and there are various services to suit puppies of varying ages.

Here’s everything you need to know about the costs of Petco puppy training:

Puppy Level 1
For Puppies 2 - 4 months

6 Month Course

- Focuses on socialization:

Puppy learns key behaviors such as responding to name, and cues such as "sit" and 'down"
Puppy Level 2
For Puppies 4 - 6 months old

6 Months Course:

Key Behaviors to learn:

- Walking on loose leash without the struggle

- Responds to Commands such as "Come Here"

- Sit and Stay Sit even around many distractions.
Puppy Essentials Package

Puppy level 1 & 2
+ Plus AKC S.T.A.R Test
Puppy Complete Package


Puppy Level 1 & 2
+ Plus one of Petco's Adult Dog Classes
+Plus Private Lesson
+Plus AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Test

Level 1 Petco Puppy Training Costs

Available for puppies between 2-4 months, the six-month course focuses mainly on socialization and is available for only $119.

It covers all the basic commands you will want to teach a puppy, including responding to its name and all the basic cues like sit and down.

Level 2 Petco Puppy Training Costs

Available for puppies between 4-6 months, the six-month course focuses on a range of behavior training, available for $119. Your pup will learn important behaviors such as walking on a lease, commands such as ‘come here’, and the ability to sit and stay despite distractions.

Petco Puppy Training Package Costs

While Petco’s puppy training prices are very reasonable for individual courses, you can save more by opting for a package. These combine both puppy level courses along with some extra training depending on the package.

For example, the puppy essential package costs $200 and includes both level 1 & 2 training along with an ACK S.T.A.R test. Considering Petco’s puppy training costs are higher when purchased separately, it makes this package deal a fine way to save.

Should you want a comprehensive package, you can also for the puppy complete package. This includes everything from the essential package but with a private lesson and an adult dog class!

At $300, it’s perhaps the Petco puppy training course that offers the most value for money!

Prices and Costs