Famous Hair Prices 2020

Looking for information about haircut prices from Famous Hair? Then look no further than this comprehensive Famous Hair price guide. The tables and guides below have all the relative Famous Hair pricing, with prices for haircuts, packages, and everything in-between. So, whether you’re looking for a haircut or hair treatment, just look below for all the prices at Famous Hair.

Kids Haircut
(Under 10)
Beard Trim$5.00
The Works
Haircut, Shampoo and blowdry
$18 & Up
The Finish
Haircut, shampoo, blowdry, curls w curling iron or basic braiding
$18 & Up
Haircut, shampoo & Deep conditioning plus Styling$52.00
Pre Chemistry Add on$9.00
Post Chemistry Add on$9.00
Hydrating Balm$5.00
Deep Conditioning Only$10.00

Like most hair salons, Famous Hair offers a range of services that have varying prices. From basics like a beard trim to a complete hair pamper package, Famous Hair has extensive hair care services available.

Famous Hair Haircut Prices

The cost of a haircut at Famous Hair is surprisingly low, starting at just $13. This may increase depending on the length and condition of your hair but remains very affordable all the same. 

Also, Famous Hair provides affordable haircuts for children too. Starting at just $10.50, children under 10 can get their haircut alongside their parents.

Any men looking for that perfect beard or designer stubble can take advantage of Famous Hair’s low prices too. For instance, a beard trim costs only $5! That means a haircut and beard trim is available for under $20 for men!

Famous Hair Special Package Prices

Another way to save on the prices at Famous Hair is to buy one of their special package deals. These combine a variety of treatments for a cost-effective price, giving you everything you need to look your best.

Not only are these packages from Famous Hair a great way to save, they also make a fantastic gift for someone.

For isntance, the Works package offers a haircut, shampoo, and blow-dry for as little as $18! Again, these prices will vary depending on the length and condition of your hair but it’s still a great deal.

Another great deal from Famous Hair is the Finish package. This includes a haircut, shampoo, blow-dry, and curls or a basic braiding for as low as $18. As with the previous package, the cost of this Famous Hair treatment does vary depending on your hair.

Finally, one of the best priced packages at Famous Hair offers the complete package. This includes haircut, shampoo, deep conditioning, and an extensive styling. Available for just $52, this is a great deal from Famous Hair, showing their amazing value for money.

Famous Hair Deep Conditioning Prices

A deep conditioner is a great treatment to get when visiting the hair salon. It nourishes your hair from within and leaves your new hair style looking shiny and beautiful. Also, the cost of a deep conditioning treatment at Famous Hair is very affordable.

For example, chemistry add on conditioning treatment helps to restore the natural appearance of your hair. It’s available before or after your other hair treatment and costs just $9!

Another great priced hair conditioning treatment from Famous Hair is a hydrating balm. Great for rehydrating dry and frizzy hair, this treatment costs just $5 so is well worth the money!

Other treatments like this include a stadanrd deep conditioning ($10) and a Malibu conditioning ($14)

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