Walmart Hair Salon Prices – SmartStyle

Walmart Hair Salon prices are incredibly reasonable. However, this is not the only reason for Its popularity. Walmart Hair Salon is called Smart Style and hosts a team of highly skilled and certified technicians that service their clients with utmost care. Below are prices for services provided by Smart Style Salon which includes haircut, shampoo, styling, hair color, perm & more.

Walmart Hair Salon Prices - SmartStyle
Express Haircut$15.97
Cut & Shampoo$18.97
Cut, Shampoo, Basic Style$22.97
Cut, Shampoo, A Full Style$32.97
Partial Hightlights & Cut$49.97
All-Over Color & Cut$64.97
Full Highlights & Cut$69.97
Perm$50 - $69.97
Relaxer $50 - $65
Conditioner Treatment$16.00
SmartStyle Prices

How much does a Haircut Cost at Walmart ?

Cost of Hair Salon services are extremely reasonably prices at Walmart Salon which is called ‘Smart Style’. When you compare Walmart haircut and treatment prices with It’s competitor Salons you will be surprised at the value you receive here. An Express Haircut will only cost you $15.97 while there is a minimal charge of $3.00 for adding a shampoo. You can get a haircut, shampoo and a basic styling done on you hair all for just $22.97.

Another fact that makes Walmart Hair Salon a tremendous place for getting an hair appointment is the staff. The Walmart Hair Salon Staff is very well equipped with the latest equipment and skill needed to make sure that the clients have a smile on their face when they leave and are excited about their new look.

Advanced hair treatments and procedures are also made available such as Partial and Full hair color, Perms and Highlights. These advanced procedures are also very reasonably priced in comparison to it’s competitors. For example you can expect to pay $49.97 for Partial highlights which includes the haircut as well. Smart Style also makes available hair treatments such as hair conditioning for a small price of $16. This is the reason many customers who previously used to get their hair treatments at salon’s elsewhere have switched to Smart Style Salon.

Just remember the next time you shop at Walmart that you can leave with perfect looking hair by visiting their Salon which is usually located close to one of their main entrances. For more information on Walmart hair Salon visit their Official Website.

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