As one of the largest automobile manufactures in the world, it’s unsurprising that many Mazda vehicles sold in the US. Known for their great gas mileage and fantastic handling, Mazda vehicles remain a popular option throughout the country.

Conventional Oil Change$29.50
Synthetic Blend Oil Change$44.99
Fully Synthetic Oil Change$53.99

Getting a Mazda Oil Change

Regular oil changes are very important for maintaining your vehicle. Mazda engines are modest yet robust, with the various intricate parts within constantly rubbing against each other when in use.

The result is a lot of friction in the engine, so oil is necessary to lubricate it while preventing overheating. As oil eventually breaks down, it needs replacing to ensure the smooth running of the engine while also preventing damage from particles present in sludgy oil.

So, for anyone that owns a Mazda, oil changes are very important and should be done every 10,000 miles!
Mazda Dealership Oil Change Prices

Mazda oil change prices remain mostly the same at any respectable auto center. Another option is to take your vehicle to a local Mazda dealership, where the mechanics there can complete the service for a similar fee.
In fact, oil change prices at Mazda dealerships are just as competitive as most auto centers!

Conventional Oil Change $29.50 – Conventional oil for a cost-effective option
Synthetic Blend Oil Change $44.99 – A blend of synthetic and conventional oil
Fully Synthetic Oil Change $53.99 – Premium synthetic oil for optimal lubrication

Even if the rate is somewhat higher than other auto centres, it may still be worth going to a Mazda dealership for an oil change. The main reason for this is because the mechanics specialise in Mazda models, so they will have a better understanding of what is best suited for your car.

They will know how to complete the oil change to the manufacturers specifications, meaning it will likely be the best quality oil change you can get for your car!

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