Costco Photo Prices

It seems like now every single thing we own and carry with us all day has a camera attached. With so many ways to make sure we never miss an important moment, we can take pictures with just about anything at any time.

Those photos shouldn’t just exist on your phone or tablet, they should be printed out the old fashioned way and you should display them prominently in your home. Here we will be discussing Costco photo printing prices.

Costco Printing Prices
Costo Phot Print Prices

Costco is a membership only big brand box store. It is the second largest retailer in the world behind Walmart. There are 770 Costco stores around the United States and Puerto Rico so if you are looking to get your photos printed at Costco we can guarantee that you are within a quick drive to one. If you are looking to become a Costco member the cost is $60 for the cheapest plan and $120 for the Executive Member plan.

How Much are online photo prints at Costco?

If you are looking for regular photo prints from Costco, the prices are in line with much of the industry standard. The 4×6 print is what has been standard since the days of rolls of Kodak film. Here a ingle print can cost just .17 cents. If you are ordering multiples of this size or any other size they will always be the same price.

The 5×7 print is the second most popular print in terms of photo printing. This one is slightly bigger than the traditional 4×6 but is still a regular size. Since these prints are a little bigger each one of them is going to cost .39 cents.

Larger Sets of Photos

Then we move into the much larger poster sizes offered by the retail giant. The first of which is the 8×10. In terms of larger photos this is the one that most frames will accommodate. These 8×10 prints at Costco cost $1.49 cents each.

The non-traditional 8×12 prints are a steal at Costco. If you can find a frame that will accommodate the larger picture the cost of this print is the same as the 8×10. The $1.49 cost is the same here and is the same for each copy printed at this or the 8×10 size.

Are wallet sizes available?

At Costco you can print our sheets of wallet-sized photographs so you can show your friends and colleagues pictures of your loved ones just like your parents did for you. A 5×7 sheet of four wallet-sized photos contains three prints in a 2×3 size. Each set costs .39 cents.

What types of finishes are available?

There are two types of finishes available for photo printing at Costco and there is no additional charge for either of them. They are glossy and luster.

What are the poster size prints available at Costco?

Costco, the membership-only retailing giant offers several versions of the poster-sized print. The first of which is the square 8×8 enlargement size. For a print of this size the cost is $1.49 and that is the cost for each additional print in that size.

The next size up in enlargements is the 11×14 size and this one costs $2.99 each. The next two prices are steals for larger versions of enlargements. The 12×12 square and the 12×18 enlargement both cost the same exact $2.99. So you can get an enlargement between 11×14 and 12×18 all for the same exact amount per enlargement.

Then we move on to the much larger poster sizes for photos you are truly in love with. The largest poster version you can purchase is the 20×30 size.

This traditional poster size costs $9.99. Or you can go with the much smaller 16×20 size poster which comes to the same exact $9.99 you would pay for the much larger version.

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