Audi Oil Change and Service Centers

As a leading global automobile manufacturer, Audi has dealerships and service centers in some of their biggest markets, including here in the US. This allows Audi owners to get specific maintenance on their vehicles, with the mechanics here specializing in all of Audis current and past models. For example, an Audi oil change will not be necessarily required as often as oil changes for a Ford or Toyota model, so it can be better for the maintenance of your vehicle to head over to an Audi Service Center for some guaranteed quality auto services.

Audi recommends specific motor oils be used for their engines to maintain peak performance levels, so by going to an Audi Service Center you can ensure that the right products are going to be used on your model.

Conventional Oil Change$47.50
Synthetic Blend Oil Change$70.00
Fully Synthetic Oil Change$99 - $124.99

For an Audi oil change, as of 2016 the company recommends that owners have their oil changed 5,000 miles or one year after delivery of the vehicle, with following changes to occur every 10,000 miles or one year.

Of course older models may require different intervals from brand new models, so it is understandable if you are unsure as to whether or not you Audi needs an oil change. This is why visiting the service center can be so useful, as the mechanics here are specialised in dealing with Audi vehicles, so you know they will have the best knowledge on the subject!

Audi Oil Change Prices

Audi oil change prices are based on the type of oil used for the engine. These are available in the three normal types of motor oil, with conventional, synthetic, and a synthetic blend all available.

Conventional is the cheapest at $47.50, while a blend will cost $70, and fully synthetic oil costs from $99-$124.99. As this guarantees the right type of oil for an Audi engine along with an Audi qualified mechanic, you can be sure that these prices offer exceptionable value for money and can make sure your Audi is in top shape for years to come!

About Audi

Audi is a leading manufacturer of luxury vehicles based in Germany. They export their vehicles to markets throughout the world and also have nine production facilities located worldwide. Sales for their luxury vehicles are among the strongest in the world with Audi being one of the iconic automobile brands ever.

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