First Choice Haircutters Prices

If you are in need of a haircut as we mostly are every few weeks or months, you can consider First Choice Haircutters and get that done.
ADULT $21.00
(12 & Under)
Haircut, Shampoo, Blowdry & Style$32.99
Shampoo & Condition
Shampoo & Curlers$20.00

Established in 1980 with over 400 locations across Canada and the United States, chances are there is one close to you. They are a friendly local hair salon that offer full time service and here’s the great part: you don’t have to make appointments! Just walk in and most likely you will be accommodated.

Why should I choose First Choice Haircutters Prices ?

Apart from the points mentioned above, they offer services like waxing, highlights, deep conditioning, and much more. They have a variety of latest salon professional quality brand products. Choose the most suitable one for you.

Perhaps you have a kid and you want to get a haircut for her. Yeah, you guessed it. They offer haircut and other services for kids. You could be sitting down right next to your kids while having an haircut will definitely save you time. In Addition to this, First Choice Haircutters prices are also quiet reasonable.

Men can have a haircut and a beard trim. That will cost you only $21 and $10 respectively making it up to $31. That is inexpensive for if you compare their prices with other salons.

Ladies, you want that haircut, shampoo, blow dry and styling? That’ll be only $32.99. That’s 3 in 1 at a very affordable price. Maybe you also want those highlights on your hair. You can get beautiful highlights at quiet an affordable price at First Choice Haircutters for just $90.

First Choice Haircutters Regular Business Hours

The salon hours vary by location. The majority of the salons keep to the same time, however, which is:

Weekdays: Monday through Friday 10am to 9pm.

Weekends: Saturday 10am to 9pm

                     Sunday noon to 6pm, local time

First Choice Haircutters Holiday Hours

They either adjust their hours or close on the holidays. These holidays include

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve.

If you have any concerns about their hours or prices, be sure to contact them through any of these means

  • Phone number
  • Email contact
  • Mail
  • Social Media

You can find all these and more on their website. Why don’t you give First Choice Haircutters a try? Once you have used their services for the first time, it will be pretty easy to make a decision to go back there again.

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