Target Photo Printing Prices

Target has everything and they seem to be on every corner. So it should come as no surprise that they offer on-site photo printing. Target brings its same commitment to affordability when it comes to their photo center. So when you are heading to pick up groceries, or odds and ends, or clothes you can get your photos printed while you shop! The cost for Target photo printing are given below.

4 X 6$0.29
5 X 7$1.99
8 X 10$4.98
Photo Square Charm
Refrigerator Stick on$7.99
3.5" X 5"
Keychain w/photo$15.99
11" X 14"$7.99
16" X 20"$17.49
20" X 30"$23.00
11" X 14"$34.99
16" X 20"$54.99
20" X 20"$65.99
20" X 30"$74.99

Target Photo Prices
Target Photo Prices

Target is known for their convenience and they have happily extended that to photo services. With over 1,800 Targets nationwide there is one nearby that can handle all of your shopping needs. You can take your photos off of your phone and into a frame in the living room in no time.

How Much are Photo Printing Prices at Target?

Target offers a wide variety of printing services all at the affordable price they are famous for. A standard 4×6 photo is just .29 cents. The next size up is 5×7, which comes in at $1.99. The final standard size print is an 8×10 which costs $4.98.

If you are looking for something special for yourself or for a gift, Target offers a way to bring your photo with you, wherever you go. Wear your photo around your neck with Target’s photo square charm necklace for $29.99. Would you rather wear it on your wrist? A bracelet is also $29.99. Are you looking at a bare refrigerator and have a photo you want to put up there? Target offers magnets and refrigerator stick-ons for $7.99.  Finally, you can bring the photo everywhere you go by attaching it to your keychain for $15.99.

What do live sized prints cost at Target?

Target also offers prints of your favorite in a much larger size for an affordable cost. Blow your favorite photo up to give it the kind of respect it deserves and make it the centerpiece of any room. If there is a spot in your living room or den, your bedroom, or over any mantle or fireplace, Target can help you print the photo that will finally bring this room together.

The first live size print is 11×14 which is priced at $7.99. The next size up is 16×20 for $17.49. Finally, the largest size available is a 20×30 for $23.00. Any of these sizes will make an excellent addition to any room and make your house feel more like a home.

How Much are Mounted Photos at Target?

Get everything in one fell swoop with mounted photos by Target. These are the photos you love ready to hang on the wall. The Target Photo Center can take care of everything on your behalf. Photo and frame, a deal that can not be beat! The first size that will look great on your wall is a 11×14 that comes to $34.99. The next size up is a 16×20, which comes to $54.99. The next size is a perfect square of 20×20 for $65.99. The largest size Target offers for mounted photos are a 20×30 available for $74.99.

Target Portraint Photos
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