Havoline oil change service is perhaps their most widely used service, as the company produces a range of motor oils and fluids that are used to help maintain your vehicle. You can get a Havoline oil change for both synthetic and conventional oil, with the latter being the cheapest option available.

They also charge for each additional quart of oil should you require a larger amount to be changed, with a reasonable charge of only $5.99 for each quart. The base rates for high mileage (conventional oil) is $59.99 while the full synthetic oil change will cost a little more at $79.99.

Each Additional quart of Oil $5.99
HIgh Mileage Oil Change$59.99
Synthetic Oil Change$79.99
Radiator Flush & Fill Service $79.99
Transfer Case Service$69.99
Wiper Blade Replacement each$11.99
Air Filter Replacement$19.99
Differential Service$69.99
2 Step Fuel system Service$79.99
Manual Transmission Service$59.99
Automatic Transmission Flush$129.99
Tire Rotation Service$19.99
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Fuel Filter Replacement$49.99
Cabin Air Filter Replacement$49.99
Fuel & Emission Cleaning$79.99
PCV Valve Replacement$11.99
Power Steering Flush$79.99

Other Havoline Services

There are many services beyond Havoline’s oil changes. Most fluid based services can be found here, including radiator, transmission (both automatic and manual), and power steering flushes all available.

You will also find some other service such as replacements for air and fuel filters, fuel and emission cleaning, and tire rotation services. The prices of each of these services are certainly affordable, with prices starting at as low as $11.99!

There will be some costlier services here too, but these reflect the level of complexity of these services. For example, a radiator flush and fill service will cost $79.99, but this is by no means a simple procedure, and the price charged for it remains very reasonable in any case!

Havoline Coupons

Havoline coupons can be easily found at www.havolinequicklube.com. Select the coupons tab on this website and you will find plenty of great deals and discounts that can be downloaded and printed out on coupons.

You will need to search for your local xpress lube service center to find specific deals and coupons, and you can also get deals sent straight to your inbox via their mailing list!

 About Havoline

Havoline is a manufacturer of motor oil that also owns a number of auto service centers called Havoline Xpress Lube. These locations specialise in oil changes and other fluid and filter services using their own brand of products, and they also offer a range of other automotive services.

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