If you value you car, as you should, it can feel intimidating to embark on finding a decent, respectable car dealership for your car repairs. The BMW oil change will give you everything you are looking for. The expert employees are dedicated to helping out their customers however possible. Some customers even report a free brake fluid top-off with an oil change. When your car needs a tune up, the BMW oil change will satisfy all of your demands and requests.

Browse BMW oil change prices below:

3 Series Models$49 - $79.99
5 Series Models$99 - $120.00
X 3$99 - $120
X 5$109 - 120
7 Series Models$124.99 - $149.99

The BMW oil change cost is clearly very affordable, especially when compared with other oil changing services. With something as valuable as your BMW vehicle, you want to make sure you’re receiving the absolute best, but you don’t want to break the bank. The prices fall right within the average price for an oil change, and you can feel confident your car is in capable and caring hands.

It may not be necessary for an hour-long oil change, but BMW dealerships offer loaner cars. Some offer them up even if it will only be for twenty minutes, others will only loan out cars if they’ll claim yours overnight. No matter what, it’s just another vote of confidence that the employees and the company cares about its customers. Naturally, it depends on availability, so make sure you request a loaner car upon booking the appointment. And, do ensure you book an appointment in advance. The excellent customer service BMW promises is based on the assumption they can prepare for your appointment and infers knowledge of your visit. Of course, if you can only walk in, you’ll receive the best care possible. But for the premium possible maintenance, give them the forewarning they need. Regardless, the BMW oil change is ideal for anyone, but especially BMW owners.

Prices and Costs