Las Vegas Athletic Club Prices

Looking at Las Vegas Club Prices, For singles, a onetime admission fee of $100 is paid and a recurring monthly fee of $23.99 is to be maintained by the member. $44.99 is the monthly fee for couples or two adults as the case might be, the admission fee remains $100.

Admission Fee$100
Monthly Fee$23.99
Admission Fee$100
Monthly Fee$44.99

About Las Vegas Athletic Club

Located in Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC) runs facilities for fitness and family oriented exercises.

Originally founded in 1977 as a single racquetball club, the duo of Rudy Smith and Andy Palluck bought it in 1991. Drastic changes began taking place as less convenient locations were being replaced with world-class clubs that were well situated. The trio of George Jaconetti, Don Wildman and Jerry Khan stepped in as business associates and joined the team of owners.

The goal of LVAC is to be at the forefront and offer the best value in fitness, same reason why they were voted ‘Best Of Las Vegas’. The poll was conducted by the Las Vegas Review Journal and LVAC won over 20 times in the annual reader’s poll. Due to the value of their membership offerings, unparallel loyalty by members has been enjoyed so far by Las Vegas Athletic Club.

Rules and Regulation Of Las Vegas Athletic Club

While working out at LVAC, several rules and regulations are to be adhered to in order to ensure sound amenities plus a clean and safe environment. Those R&Rs includes:

  • Procedures during check in: To access the gym, membership cards are being produced by members. In cases where the card is lost, the fee for a getting new card is $12.


  • Dress Code: Formal clothes are not allowed except workout clothes. The chest and back region are to be covered also


  • Eating and drinking in the exercising area is highly prohibited
  • Foul language is not allowed
  • Kids below 18 years are restricted in the exercising area


  • Having Guests: Number of guests that are allowed to visit each member should not exceed 3 persons per visit. It costs $20 daily and $50 per week.


  • Gym Bags/Lockers and Workout Towels: Gym bags and lockers are expected to be brought by members where a drawer is assigned to everyone to place them in for safety. Workout towels are also required, all valuables should be kept at home as the management would not take responsibility for any loss

Membership Benefits

Facilities like locker rooms, indoor pool, weight training, Juice bar, Healthy back, ab and core training centers, free weights, indoor running rack, cardio entertainment center, aqua recovery and racquetball can be accessed freely by members. Others include:

  • Online Training – You can’t make it to the gym for obvious reasons, LVAC has online training features for paid members even from home


  • Personal Training – You need to get your body prepared for some shooting or event, then LVAC can get you a personal trainer

Las Vegas Athletic Club Opening Hours


Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours

Las Vegas Athletic Club (IVAC)

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