Fitness 19 Membership Prices

Thinking about joining your local Fitness 19 but are unsure how much a membership costs? Then this guide is here to help. Providing all the information you need on Fitness 19 prices; the tables below show all the various membership options available. For more information on Fitness membership costs check out the tables and guide below!

Initiation Fee$49.00
Initiation Fee for 2nd Person $39.00
Monthly Fee$15.00
2 Person Monthly Fee$24.00
3 Person Monthly Fee$33.00
Initiation Fee$49.00
Monthly Fee$20.00
2 Person Monthly Fee$29.00

Offering month-to-month memberships, various classes, and personal training, Fitness 19 provides a complete service with very reasonable prices. With over 100 Fitness 19 locations around the country, there has never been a better time to get signed up.

How Much Does a Fitness 19 Membership Cost?

Like many gym chains, Fitness 19 offers a range of membership options with various price points. This is ideal for finding the perfect solution for you, from one club memberships to multiple club memberships.

Fitness 19 Prices for Single Club Access

Prices for Fitness 19 single club access remain the most affordable. With this membership you get access to a single gym location and pay a month to month fee. This is great because it’s very flexible and doesn’t force you to commit to a long-term membership.

For example, the price for a membership to one club for an individual costs only $15 per month! This is incredibly affordable and one of the best-priced monthly gym memberships available

Better still, you can add additional people to the membership to save even more each month! For instance, a 2-person monthly membership fee costs only $24 per month! More savings are possible with a 3-person membership, costing only $33 – that’s $11 per month for a gym membership!

Fitness 19 Prices for Multiple Club Access

If you do a lot of travelling or live nearby to several Fitness 19 gyms, then a multiple club membership is worth consideration. Prices for this Fitness 19 membership are very affordable too, costing just $20 per month to access any gym location.

Furthermore, two people can share a membership for multiple clubs for just $29 per month! This is amazing value for money and a great example of how affordable a Fitness 19 membership costs.

Fitness 19 Initiation Prices

As with many gym memberships, you do need to pay an initiation fee on top of the cost of a Fitness 19 membership. However, it’s only a one-off fee that costs $49 whether for single or multiple club memberships.

Better still, the initiation fee drops for a 2nd person if you opt for a two-person membership (single club location only). The cost of the second initiation fee drops to $39, offering a nice saving for couples or friends looking to share a gym membership.  

Fitness 19 Guest Pass

Not sure if you want to pay the entire cost of a monthly membership at Fitness 19? If you’ve never used the gym chain before it is possible to sign up for a free guest pass. This gives you the opportunity to sample Fitness 19’s equipment, classes, and atmosphere to see if it’s a good fit.

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