Kia Motors remain popular throughout the United States, with models such as the Kia Optima leading the way. Known for their generous warranties, affordable prices, and quality vehicles, it’s little surprise that Kia has become so well-regarded among auto aficionados.

Conventional Oil Change$29.50
Synthetic Blend Oil Change$39.50
Fully Synthetic Oil Change$59.99

Getting a Kia Oil Change

An oil change is one of the most important forms of vehicle maintenance. As there are many moving parts within an engine, many of which rub against each other, with the resulting friction leading to increased engine heat.
Engine oil prevents these parts from overheating, helping to keep the engine well-lubricated and performing optimally. However, oil eventually breaks down and needs to be replaced, otherwise the engine is at risk of permanent damage due to overheating.

Getting a Kia oil change is necessary for the long-term care of the vehicle, so be sure to get it done regularly!

Kia Dealership Oil Change Prices

Heading to your local Kia dealership for an oil change is always recommended. The reason for this is that the mechanics at the dealership will know the optimal oil for your specific Kia.

Different oils are suitable depending on the age of the vehicle and how you drive, which is something only a Kia specialist is likely to know.

Kia oil change prices at dealerships are also pretty much the same price as anywhere else. Pricing is competitive and the quality of the work is usually always better than from quick oil change shop.

For example:

Conventional Oil Change $29.50 – Conventional oil for a cost-effective option
Synthetic Blend Oil Change $39.50 – A blend of synthetic and conventional oil
Fully Synthetic Oil Change $59.99 – Premium synthetic oil for optimal lubrication

As you can see, Kia oil change prices at dealerships are certainly competitive, and you will get a precise recommendation base on your vehicle and driving habits!

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