Do you have a big night on the town planned or are you looking to get all glammed up for a special event like a wedding or the Senior Prom? Then you absolutely need to get your nails done for the occasion. One of the very best places to get you nails done is LA Nails. Nails are even in the name of the store! Below we’ll go into the pricing of some of their best services.

Fill In$15.00
Full Sets$22.00
Gel Nails$30.00
Gel Fill in$18.50
Gel Coating with French nails$22.00
Pink & White$33.00
Pink Fill-in $18.50
White Fil-in$18.50
Pink & White Fill-in$24.00
Nail Repair$3.00
Hand Nail Polish$5.00
Toes Nail Polish$6.75
Spa Manicure$18.00
Spa Pedicure$29.00
Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure$45.00
Upper Lip$5.00

LA Nails is a longstanding staple of the franchise salon brand. They hire several of the best local nail technicians and salon operators. There is a very good chance you live near one of the numerous franchises in the United States.

How Much Does it Cost to get your nails worked on at LA Nails?

You are going to try to look your very best, but you are trying to be mindful of your budget while doing so. The more bang you can get for your buck, the more money you will have for that special occasion. By entrusting LA Nails you will get the best of both worlds. Cost friendliness and professionalism.

To get a fill in on your nails here it is $15. If you are trying to get a full set done it is a very simple $22. If you are looking to go for a different look and get some gel nails done, that will run you $30.

If you are solely looking for a gel fill in that is going to cost $18.50. To close out the numerous gel options, LA Nails allows for a gel coating for a French nails and that costs $22.00

Are you looking for a more traditional pink and white look for your nails? Well LA Nails is more than happy to accommodate that for you. The traditional pink and white costs $33.00. If you are just linking to get either pink or white fill-ins done, they both cost a standard $18.50. If you are looking for pink and white fill-ins that will run you $24.00. LA Nails prices are within budget for most and their services mostly exceed expectations.

What are some small fixes LA Nails will provide at a cost effective pricing?

LA Nails offers a lot of simple cosmetic fixes for nails that you are looking to get done on the cheap side of things. If you need a nail repaired that costs an easy $3.00.

If you do not feel like painting your toenails or fingernails on your own and you are looking for a professional to do it, or you are just looking to be pampered, the hands will cost $5.00 while the toenails will cost $6.75.


How about a manicure or a pedicure for a spa day?

LA Nails prices for services such Spa Pedicure and Spa Manicure are also note-worthy and they also provides the standard spa services for those looking for an extra treat. A manicure will cost $11.00 while those looking to spring for the full spa manicure will cost $18.00. A pedicure from LA Nails will cost you a reasonable $18.00.



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