How much is Gold’s Gym Membership

If you are looking for more information about Gold’s Gym membership prices then you are in the right place! This is a comprehensive price guide for Gold’s Gym, one of the most iconic fitness centers in the entire world.

Gold’s Gym monthly membership prices differ depending on the type of membership you sign up for. Like most gym chains, you have the chance to save on your Gold’s Gym membership by committing for longer. It’s not necessary of course, with various membership prices available for Gold’s Gym. This makes it easy to find the right membership price for your preferences.

Check the tables and guide below for more information about the prices of memberships at Gold’s Gym.

Enrollment Fee$40.00
Processing Fee$25.00
Monthly Fee$29.00
Enrollment Fee$0.00
Processing Fee$25.00
Monthly Fee49.00
Enrollment Fee$0.00
Processing Fee$25.00
Monthly Fee$29.00

Golds Gym Membership Prices
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How Much is a Gold’s Gym Membership?

The prices for a Gold’s Gym membership does differ depending on the type of membership. As is common in the industry, you can sign up for a long-term or short-term membership at Gold’s Gym. The cost of your Gold’s Gym membership is determined by the type you sign up for.

Gold’s Gym Month to Month Prices

Gold’s Gym offers a month to month membership option that offers the most flexibility for customers. Rather than committing to a long-term gym membership at Gold’s Gym, you simply pay month to month for your membership.

For instance, the basic month to month membership package at Gold’s Gym costs $29 per month. You also need to pay an enrolment fee of $40 and a processing fee of $25. This means a year’s membership at Gold’s Gym paying month to month costs $413.

However, there is another option called month to month preferred. This Gold’s Gym membership price is slightly different compared to the standard month to month option. For example, you do not pay an enrolment fee but pay more every month, with a $39 monthly fee charged. Processing fee remains the same regardless.

Gold’s Gym 12 Month Plan Prices

Joining Gold’s Gym on a 12-month plan is one of the best price memberships available. While you do need to commit to an entire year’s membership it does offer the chance to save some cash. For example, the monthly price for this Gold’s Gym membership is just $29. Better still, there is no enrolment fee either, making it one of the cheapest priced Gold’s Gym memberships. Also find out about their free trail membership here.

What’s Included with a Gold’s Gym Membership?

If you’re unsure of committing to a Gold’s Gym membership then it helps to know what’s included for members. Gold’s Gym is often viewed as being best for people that love fitness and working, being popular among body builders. While the weight training equipment a Gold’s Gym is second to none, they offer a wide variety of fitness equipment suitable for every person.

Not only that, Gold’s Gym provides a complimentary fitness profile for all new members. This involves measuring your fitness levels with a body scan and using your fitness goals to establish a personalised fitness plan.

After this, you get guidance on meeting your fitness goals!

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