How much is a Haircut at Great Clips ?

Wondering how much is a haircut Great Clips? Then you are in the right place. This is an extensive guide of all haircut and treatment prices at Great Clips. Known for their affordable rates and friendly service, haircut prices at Great Clips remain affordable across the board. For more information about the cost of haircut prices at Great Clips, check the tables and guides below!

Great Clips Prices
Great Salon Prices
Adult Haircut$16.49
(Under 10)
Senior Hair cut$13.49
Regular Type $19.99
Long Hair$29.99

So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly haircut or styling treatment, look no further than Great Clips. With over 4,000 locations nationwide, it’s easy to find a local Great Clips to take advantage of their amazing prices!

How Much is a Haircut at Great Clips?

Great Clips Standard Haircut Prices

A Great Clips haircut price is very affordable, starting at just $13.49 for children under ten. Not only that, Great Clips prices for seniors also start at $13.49, offering exceptional value for money.

That said Great Clip prices for a standard adult haircut isn’t much more, costing just $16.49. Better still, these prices are for men and women, highlighting the consistently low prices for haircuts at Great Clips.

However, these prices are just for a basic haircut, as more extensive styling options have separate prices at Great Clips. Prices may differ depending on the salon too, so always be sure to confirm before you get your haircut!

Great Clips Styling Prices

If you desire more from your haircut then Great Clips’ styling options are certainly worth checking out. These are designed for people that require a more complex haircut style that takes longer than average. Even though they price of a Great Clips staying service is more expensive than a standard haircut, it remains budget-friendly.

For example, a styling cut for regular hair type starts at only $19.99! This is only a few dollars more than the stadanrd adult haircut, showcasing how Great Clips haircut prices are.

Understandably, the styling price does rise for people with longer hair – more hair means more time styling! Even then, the price starts at just $29.99, costing a fraction of the price at many salons around the country.

If you have a special occasion such as a wedding or prom, then check out Great Clips updo style treatment. Costing only $47.99, this gorgeous hairstyle leaves you looking elegant and beautiful. It’s a great price for this type of hairstyle, so make sure you take advantage!

What time does Great Clips Open
Great Clips Opening and Closing Hours

Great Clips Hours of Operations

Want to take advantage of the amazing haircut prices at Great Clips? Then you’ll need to know Great Clips hours of operations to make sure you get an appointment on time! Like many hair salons, Great Clips hours feature early openings and late closings.

Therefore, anyone need to get themselves a haircut later in the day will want to check out Great Clips!


For example, most Great Clips salon’s start at 9am every day, while they close at 9pm Monday to Friday! Closing hours at the weekends are slightly earlier, closing at 6pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday. Still, these are great hours for a salon, so make sure to book your appointment soon. To get more information on Great Clips visit website.

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