Hair Cuttery Prices

Looking for more information about the prices of haircuts at Hair Cuttery? Then look no further than our extensive Hair Cuttery price guide! Below is a complete breakdown of all haircut and beauty treatment prices at popular hair salon chain Hair Cuttery. So, if you want to know prices for haircuts, treatments, or colorings at Hair Cuttery check out the tables below!

Haircut & Shampoo$17.50
Kids Haircut$12.00
Haircut, Shampoo and Blowdry$24.00
Beard & Neck Trim$5.00
Hair Iron add on$6.50
Hair Relaxer$75.00
Partial Hair Relaxer$40.00
Hair Relaxer & Retouch$52.00
Wavy Curl
Designer Wavy Curl
Single Application$50.00
Partial Highlights$50.00
Full Highlights$80.00
Style Express
haircut,shampoo, hair treatment & blowdry
Shape Up
haircut, shampoo, conditioning, eyebrow wax & blowdry
Hair Cuttery Color For Men
haircut, shampoo, deep conditioning, & blow dry
Permanent Wave Style
haircut, shampoo, hair treatment, permanent wave & blowdry
Partial Highlights
haircut, shampoo, deep condition, partial highlights & blowdry
Relax Your Hair
haircut, shampoo, conditioning, straightening & blowdry
City of Lights
haircut, shampoo, conditioning, Full highlights & blowdry
2X Dimension with Partial Highlights & Haircut$125.00
2X Dimension with Full Highlights & Haircut$155.00
Eyebrows & Half Face$10.50
Full Face$24.00

Hair Cuttery Haircut Prices

Haircut prices at Hair Cuttery remain very affordable across the board. Starting at just $17.50 for a haircut and shampoo, you’ll struggle to find better prices than at Hair Cuttery. For instance, you can get a haircut, shampoo, and blow-dry for as little as $24!

Better still, Hair Cuttery prices for kid’s are even better. At just $12 for a child’s haircut, you can get the entire family’s hair styled for very little at Hair Cuttery!

As a unisex salon men are also covered by Hair Cuttery’s great prices. For instance, a beard and neck trim costs $5!

Hair Cuttery Hair Treatment Prices

Hair treatments are a more complex salon service so naturally cost more. Even then, the cost for hair treatments at Hair Cuttery are still very reasonable. For example, you can tame your wilder hair with a partial hair relaxer for only $40. If you need your entire hair treated with this, a full hair relaxer is only $75.

Additionally, treatments for adding curls and volume to hair are also available. For instance, permanent wavy curl treatment starts at $49 and a designer wavy curl treatment is just $58. These are still great prices for hair treatments, showcasing the value for money Hair Cuttery offers.  

Hair Cuttery Hair Color Prices

Hair color prices at Hair Cuttery are also reasonable. While traditionally an expensive treatment, hair color prices start at as little as $50 for highlights or a single application. Full highlights cost a bit more at $80, although this is still a great price for coloring treatments.

So, if you want a great price for hair color treatments, be sure to check your local Hair Cuttery!

Hair Cuttery Package Prices

Not only does Hair Cuttery offer standard hair salon treatments they also provide special pampering packages. These make a great gift for someone special in your life – or as a nice gift for yourself!

They feature a range of beauty treatments and offer exceptional value for money, with specific treatments available depending on what you need. For isntance, a shape up package offers a haircut, shampoo and conditioning, blow-dry, and eyebrow wax for only $42!

There are many other packages available, including pamper packages for creating wavy hair styles and color treatment packages. These range from $50-$150 depending on the service and treatments included, yet each one remains very well-priced.  

Hair Cuttery Waxing

Haircuts and treatments aren’t the only service available at Hair Cuttery – the offer facial waxes too. This is ideal for anyone getting ready for a big night out, as you can get your hair and eyebrows done in one go!

Waxing prices at Hair Cuttery are very affordable too. For example eyebrow waxes are only $8, eyebrows and half face waxes cost $10.50, and an entire face wax costs just $24.

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