PetSmart Hotel is a brilliant service for pet owners throughout the country. Whether going on holiday or simply going to work, there are occasions where you cannot take your pet with you. So, knowing there is a reputable company offering affordable yet quality accommodation for your pet is always great to hear!

Day Time Prices
Daycare with Atrium Room$15
Overnight Prices
Dog Atrium Room$31
Dog Suite$41
Doggy Day Camp$21
Doggy Day Camp
1/2 day = 6 hours
Doggy Day Camp$21
Day Price$13

As certain pets cannot be left alone for long, PetSmart Hotel offers a cost-effective solution for anyone that requires accommodation for their pet. Better still, the service is available for a few hours or several days!

For instance, younger dogs may not be able to look after themselves, while other dogs can get distressed and destructive when left alone, so there are many occasions where the PetSmart Hotel can be a great help.

Not only do pets get a nice place to stay – they get showered with love and attention! Taking this into account along with the competitive prices at PetSmart hotel, it’s clear how great a service this is!

Looking to try out PetSmart awesome hotel service? Here’s all the prices you need to know:

 PetSmart Hotel Costs for Dogs

PetSmart Hotel prices for dogs will vary depending on the service chosen. As you would expect, daytime services cost less, starting at only $15 for the dog atrium room.

This room offers a nice comfortable location to stay for a few hours, with ample space for stretching and playing. For those that won’t be back home that same day, PetSmart’s Hotel prices for an overnight cost just $3!

Should you want a little more privacy for your dog, then you can upgrade to the private dog suite. While only available for overnight stays, it provides private room with a comfortable bed and a TV with dog-friendly shows!

Available for only $41, it’s a fine option for a group of pets from the one family, or for dogs that are better-behaved in a quiet and calm environment.

For anyone looking for some daytime accommodation to keep their dog occupied during work, the doggy day camp is fine choice. Here, dogs can play together for fun-filled day, being fully supervise throughout.

It’s only $15 for a half day (6 hours) or $21 for the entire day, being one of the best priced services at PetSmart Hotel.

PetSmart Costs for Cats

Now, cats are quite solitary animals so most can be left at home, but there are occasions where this isn’t the case. For example, if you’re going on vacation for an extended period and don’t have anyone to feed them!

Prices are great for this too, with a day stay costing just $13 while an overnight is $20. Cats are given a private room (although this can be shared with cats from the same family) and it includes bedding, a television, and lots of love and attention.

Prices and Costs