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Need information about prices for haircuts at Borics? Then look no further than this extensive Borics price guide. We’ve gathered all the information about Borics prices so you know exactly how much a treatment costs. After all, salon prices are quite varied so it’s difficult to determine how much you’ll be charged.
So, if you’re booking an appointment at Borics make sure to check their prices first! The table and guide below as all the info you need regarding Boric salon prices for treatments.

w/ shampoo
w/ shampoo & Styling
(Aged under 10)

Borics Haircut Prices

Boric salon prices are very reasonable, with affordability being on the key selling points of this salon chain. For example, an adult haircut starts as low as $17, which is an incredibly low price for a haircut. So, if you don’t like spending too much at the salon, Borics is certainly worth checking out!

Of course, many of us need more than a basic haircut from a hair salon. Borics offers much more than just a simple haircut, with various treatments available for similarly great prices. For instance, a haircut and shampoo will leave your hair looking amazing and starts at just $17.

Should you require a more extensive styling during your haircut, Borics offers a more complete service. Available for just $27, this includes an adult haircut with shampooing and styling. Despite the low price expect a high-quality hair cut from any one of Borics amazing stylists.

Better still, kids can also get their haircut at Borics. Again, prices for haircuts at Borics remain very affordable even for children, costing just $10.50. It’s worth mentioning that kids need to be 10 and under – although the adult haircut doesn’t cost much more!

A deep conditioning add on is also available for a very reasonable $6. Conditioners at hair salons like Borics are premium quality, nourishing hair and leaving it looking amazing. You can add this onto any treatment!

Borics Prices for other Treatments

Additionally, Borics offers a range of other treatments such as perms and highlights. These are more expensive than other treatments due to their complexity and the products required, although remain very reasonable.

For instance, a haircut and perm treatment start at $50. The condition of your hair does impact the overall price, but don’t expect it to be much higher than this price.

Understandably, highlights are the highest priced treatments at Borics. Even then, they still offer great value or money, with cap highlights starting at just $50. Foil highlights are slightly more expensive, starting at $60.

As you can see, prices for other treatments at Borics remain very reasonable, showing just how budget-friendly the salon is!

Borics Salon Hours of Operations

  • SATURDAY 11 AM – 6 PM
  • SUNDAY 11 AM – 6 PM

Looking to take advantage of Borics great prices? Then you’ll want to know what time your local salon opens and closes! As with most hair salon chains, Borics hours of operation vary from location to location. So, make sure to contact your local salon for more precise information!

Hours are quite similar at most Borics salon, however. For instance, Borics mostly open at 9am Monday to Saturday. There are some locations that open later at 10am, yet for the most part they all open at 9am. Sundays have later opening hours at most Borics, usually between 11am-12pm at most locations.

Closing hours at Borics follow a similar pattern. For example, most Borics closing hours are at 8pm Monday to Friday and between 5pm and 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Borics Prices
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