Lifetime Fitness Membership Prices

If you were looking for Lifetime fitness prices then you exactly where you should be. The Lifetime Fitness organization goes by both that name, and in larger areas is known as Lifetime Fitness Athletic. Both organizations still carry the usual athletic resort and health club features of each other; it is simply a branding and regional difference. This is important to know as you can purchase a multiple location membership and you don’t want to miss out on trying a different regional gym just because the name is different.

Paid in Full
Initiation Fee$74.00
Monthly Fee$69.99
2 Person Monthly Fee
Children (each)$20

Under both names there are over one hundred Lifetime Fitness and Lifetime Fitness Athletics locations across the United States and Canada. The company was founded in Minnesota and currently employs over 7,000 employees almost 30 years after it’s founding.

What will it cost to attend multiple Lifetime Fitness Locations?

Are you a frequent traveler and need to be able to go to any gym like yours on the go? Or maybe there’s a Lifetime Fitness near your job and one near your work and you want to go to one during the days and one on the weekends.

Maybe you are looking to move and want to see if you have to go through the hassle of cancelling one membership and joining a whole new place. That is not the case with these multi-gym memberships with Lifetime Fitness.

The monthly fee for a multiple locations membership is $29.99. This is in line with several other gyms and is typically market value for a membership. Then for the year, the annual fee, paid in full is $359.88.  This is in line with what the average person would pay for a gym membership for the year.

You can either settle up for each month, or if you have the money on hand, you can pay for the entire year and not have to worry about gym memberships until the next year.  

Lifetime fitness  prices are excellent for those looking to have access to an incredible gym and athletic club for standard gym prices.

What do Lifetime Fitness single location memberships cost?

Did you find the perfect gym in Lifetime Fitness or Lifetime Athletic and want to be a member of only that gym?

If you are going to hunker down and live in one area and make the whole family members, that is all available to you with this athletic club.

A Lifetime Fitness solo gym membership is an excellent purchase for any family looking to get in shape themselves or even for the entire family. As there are couple discounts and even a sale price for children that is paid per child per month.  

First, in this membership there is an initiation fee, which costs $74.00. Many gyms and athletic clubs will have these enrolling fees when you first sign up, and is typical of the industry.

  Beyond the initiation fee you will pay $69.99 per month to use the facilities if you are singing up by yourself and will not be including any family members.

If you are looking to join with a spouse or significant other, or maybe you have a friend joining in on your workouts you can join together for a rate of $79.99 per month, a great way to save and to ensure you will go to the gym more often if you have a friend or spouse you accountable to for each workout.

This is a great way to go often and really make it feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. If you are looking for an entire family experience and you would like to bring your children along too, the cost per child is $20.00 per month.

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