CKO Kickboxing Prices & Membership

Looking for information about the prices for CKO Kickboxing memberships? Then look no further than out extensive price guide! Here you will find a complete list of all membership prices at CKO Kickboxing, along with any additional service fees.

So, with this information you can decide which health and fitness center is best for you! CKO Kickboxing prices remain very competitive, while their unique kickboxing classes offer an alternative to a traditional gym.
Check the price table guide below for all the information you need about CKO Kickboxing membership prices!


Start Up Fee$49.99 - 99.99
Monthly Membership$99.00
Cancellation Fee$200.00

How Much Does a CKO Kickboxing Membership Cost?

CKO Kickboxing prices are certainly straight-forward. There is a single membership price for CKO Kickboxing, with a flat monthly fee on top of a start-up fee. For example, the start-up fee costs $49.99 while the monthly membership fee at CKO Kickboxing is $90.

That is the complete cost of a CKO Kickboxing membership! However, if you need to cancel your membership before it expires, a cancellation fee of $200 is charged. Bear this in mind as it can be quite the shock if you’re unaware of the fees!

While there is no multiple club access membership at CKO Kickboxing, you can visit other clubs and take classes. However, you will be charged for this, although it’s generally much cheaper, ranging from $5-$20 depending on the location.

What is Included with a CKO Kickboxing Membership?

A CKO Kickboxing membership grants unlimited access to kickboxing classes. These are intensive group exercise classes that provide an incredible cardio and strength workout. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, CKO Kickboxing classes offer a fun and exciting way to get into shape.

Working out alongside other members builds a great sense of community too. People are all here for the same reason so want to help each other achieve their fitness goals. While it may appear intimidating, classes are very welcoming for first-timers, with instructors giving all the info needed to get started.

With multiple classes available throughout the week, you can go to as many as you like with your CKO Kickboxing membership. Compared to other monthly gym membership prices, CKO Kickboxing is very affordable and gives you a focused fitness regimen.

CKO Kickboxing Hours of Operation

CKO Kickboxing hours are quite diverse because of the way they operate. Classes are scheduled several times a day throughout the entire week, so opening and closing hours at CKO Kickboxing vary quite a bit.

For instance, some CKO Kickboxing hours start very early with a morning class, often between 8am and 9am. Classes operate throughout the day, resulting in longer hours of operations if there are several classes on.

For example, many CKO Kickboxing classes run until 9-10pm! This means they often close very late in the day – perfect for getting a late night workout!

Always check your local CKO Kickboxing class schedule for a complete breakdown of their hours!

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