Walmart oil change prices are among some of the cheapest available on the market and there are plenty of options available for this service, allowing for additional services to be included if necessary. For example, their ‘lube services’ refers to package deals that cover a number of services, such as the basic Pit Crew package. This comes with up to 5 quarts of new oil and a new filter, as well as chassis lubrication, battery checks, and tire pressure checks and fillings – and it only cost $19.99!

The Standard Oil Change package includes everything in the Pit Crew package (as do all the ‘lube service’ packages), and includes a full oil change for just $29.99, showcasing just how affordable Walmart’s oil change prices can get.

Walmart Lube and Oil Change Prices walmart auto center


- Up to 5 quarts of featured conventional motor oil, New filter, Chassis lubrication (where applicable)


- Battery Performance


-Tire Pressure

-Up to 5 quarts of selected oil

- New Oil Filter

-Chassis lubrication (where applicable)

- Vacuum Interior.

- Windshield Wash Interior


- Battery Performance, Air filter, Wiper blades, Headlights, Signal, brake and tail lights

(where applicable)

-Transmission fluid, Washer fluid, Power steering fluid, Differential fluid, Tire pressure

Pit Crew$19.88
Standard Oil Change $29.88
High Mileage Oil Change$35.88
Power & Performance$49.88
Fuel System Service$20.00
Fuel System Service
with standard oil change
Fuel System Service
with high mileage oil change
Feature Wiper Blade & Installation
must be purchased from walmart store
Battery Non corrosion Treatment$3.50
Battery Terminal End Replacement
parts not included
Headlight Restoration$29.00
Headlight Installation
parts not included
Miniature Bulb Installation
parts not included

The High Mileage package costs not much more at $35.88, and this includes up to 5 quarts of either high mileage or semi-systematic oils. So the Walmart oil change price will depend on the type of oil your vehicle requires, but the fact you get all these additional check-ups along with the oil and changing service, Walmart’s oil change prices really do offer fantastic value for money.

Other Auto Services Available – Walmart Auto Center

As to be expected, Walmart Auto Services offer many more automotive services away from their ‘lube packages’. These are typical services you would expect to find here, such as services and repairs on fuel systems or even something as simple as headlight repairs.

These are all available with Walmart’s affordable pricing, making them a great place to go if you are in need of any automotive services.

Walmart Coupons

Anyone looking to make further savings on Walmart oil change prices should make note of the Walmart coupons available on their website. While they do not always include coupons for discounts on auto services, you may find that there are various automotive products available with discounted prices, as well as the odd coupon offering discounts for automotive services as well.

You may find these at various third=party websites that provide coupons for many businesses, so be sure to do a little bit of research before you head off for an oil change – you never know when you might find a great coupon!

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About Walmart Auto Services

As one of the largest companies and retailers in the world, there aren’t many who don’t what Walmart is. Yet not everyone is fully aware of the extent of the services offered by the company, which includes Walmart Auto Services.

Walmart Auto Services provides a wide range of automotive services, with their team of mechanics offering infections, evaluations and repairs. These all come with Walmart’s trademark bargain prices, meaning customers can save a great deal on their automotive services, from oil changes to tire installations.

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