Rite Aid Passport Photo Prices

Most people know Rite Aid as a friendly face to pick up our much needed prescriptions and a bottle of water on a quick stop on the way back home, but Rite Aid has expanded into providing photo printing. Included in this new service are passport photos. The pharmacy giant offers printing for both passport photos and green card photos at its photo printing locations. If you are looking to travel abroad, or are required to update the photo attached with your green card or update your photo to make that travel easier, Rite Aid can get you your official photos quickly and easily to get you on the road. See prices below

2" X 2"

Did you know there are over 2,500 Rite Aids nationwide? That means if you are running late on time or forgot the photo part of your travels plans, or need to update your official green card photo you are just a short trip away from getting your final requirement to travel abroad.

What do Rite Aid Passport Photo Costs

Easy and affordable are the two best adjectives to describe the Rite Aid Passport Photo process. The stores have a drop down white background to comply with all passport or green card standards. The photo is taken in the store and printed right then. The pharmacy has all the pieces necessary to make your trip as easy as possible. It is the quick in and out service that has made Rite Aid one of the giants of the pharmaceutical industry.

The cost of a standard 2×2 passport photo is just $7.99. This is also the cost of their standard green card photo. Rite Aid also carries the protective cover for all passports and green cards and these items can be purchased at an additional cost at the point of purchase.

With each purchase of a passport photo you get two versions of the same photo. That way if the customer cut one version too small or it is in some way damaged, you can use the back-up version or if you really like that picture you can give the extra to your significant other or family member to keep in their wallet for safe keeping. That way whenever one of you travels, you will have the other with you!

Rite Aid also allows for customers to bring in their own passport photos. Be sure to follow all passport or green card standards if you do plan on bringing in your own photos. Rite Aid requires you to bring in the photo on a USB drive or a memory card to have them uploaded for printing. Some Rite Aid pharmacies do not have kiosks to hook up your phone directly to the photo center. Please be advised that the act of taking the photo has no effect on the pricing, so even if your photo is not up to the international requirements for passports the redo photo in the store will come at no additional cost to you.

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