Nothing is quite as rewarding as own a dog. Adorable and full of love, dogs bring a lot of joy to people, although it’s always a good idea to have your pup trained! Various training methods can be used on a dog, and many opt for professional training to help best train their pet.

A great example of this is Petco dog training classes, which are readily viewed as some of the best available. The reason for this is quite simple – Petco Dog training costs are affordable and effective.

Adult Dog Level 1
For Dogs 6 months and older

6 Weeks Course

Key Learning:

- Walk on loose leash without a struggle

- Response to gestures such as "wait" or "leave it"

Adult Dog Level 2

After graduating adult dog level 1

6 Weeks Course

Key Learnings:

- Behaving politely in a group of both people or dogs

- Respond to gestures such as "stay"

- Dog will learn to listen to owner in any situation
AKC Canine Good Citizen (program/certification)

after graduation fro adult dog level 2 class

Dog will be evaluated and has to pass a 10 step Test to receive certification
Adult Dog Essential Package


- Adult Dog Levels 1 and 2
- Plus AKC Canine Good Citizen Class

Adult Dog Complete Package


- Everything in Essentials Package
- Plus Private Lesson

Petco Dog Training Costs for 6 Weeks

If you’re looking for an affordable dog training course, then Petco dog training classes are a great place to start. Available for $119, your dog undergoes a six-week training course where they are taught various commands.

For instance, the Adult Dog Level 1 training course includes key training for walking properly on leashes while also responding to common gestures such as ‘wait’ or’ leave it’.

Should you wish to continue with Petco dog training classes, then your dog will be able to partake in the Adult Dog Level 2 training. This course is also six weeks, and helps to train good behaviour, respond to gestures like ‘stay’, and to always listen to your commands in any situation.

Also available for just $119, it highlights how reasonable the costs of Petco dog training classes are.

Petco Dog Training Packages Prices

A great way to take advantage of the great Petco dog training prices is purchasing a training package.

For example:

  • The Adult Dog Essential package includes both adult dog training levels (1 &2) as well as an AKC Canine good citizens class! This is all available for only $209, offering some great savings on Petco dog training classes.
  • The Adult Dog Complete Package includes all the classes from the essential package, along with a private training lesson for only $299!

Prices and Costs