Beach Bum Tanning Price

Beach Bum Tanning is a tanning and beauty salon with over 50 locations throughout the country. Getting that perfect beach tan is often difficult without enough good weather so why not head to Beach Bum Tanning? Offering a range of tanning and spa treatments, Beach Bum Tanning prices remain very affordable across the board. Furthermore, Beach Bum Tanning packages are available, which offer multiple tanning sessions for even more savings. So, if you love the look of a perfect tan be sure to check out Beach Bum Tanning!

Single Visit$9.00
5 Pack$37.00
10 Pack$64.00
20 Pack$110.00
30 Day Unlimited$59.00
Beach Pass$19.00
Single Visit$20.00
5 Pack$79.00
10 Pack$139.00
20 Pack$239.00
30 Day Unlimited$149.00
Beach Pass$99.00
Single Visit$24.00
5 Pack$99.00
10 Pack$175.00
20 Pack$299.00
Beach Pass$99.00
Single Visit$30.00
5 Pack$120.00
10 Pack$216.00
20 Pack$359.00
30 Day Unilimited$199.00
Beach Pass$99.00
Single Visit$24.00
5 Pack$100.00
10 Pack$180.00
20 Pack$300.00
Single Visit$40.00
5 Pack$160.00
10 Pack$278.00
20 Pack$475.00
Single Visit$30.00
5 Pack$115.00
10 Pack$200.00
20 Pack$335.00
Monthly Membership Fee$125.00

Beach Bum Tanning Price and Packages

Prices for Beach Bum Tanning services are varied depending on the service you use. Also, various Beach Bum Tanning packages are available that offer more savings, although these are more suited for frequent visitors.

Beach Bum Tanning Packages

Beach Bum Tanning Bronze Package Prices

Beach Bum Tanning’s bronze package prices are the most affordable. Starting at just $9 for a single visit, you can buy several tan packages to save more money – great if you like to tan often. This includes

  • 5 Pack – $37
  • 10 Pack – $64
  • 20 Pack – $110
  • 30 Day Unlimited – $59
  • Beach pass (one tan service per day) – $19

Beach Bum Tanning Platinum Package Prices

Beach Bum Price Specials
Beach Bum Specials

Beach Bum Tanning’s platinum package offers more savings and is designed for more frequent visitors. Starting at just $20 for a single session, multiple packages offer more value for money. This includes

  • 5 Pack- $79.00
  • 10 Pack- $139.00
  • 20 Pack – $239.00
  • 30 Day Unlimited -$149.00
  • Beach Pass- $99.00

Beach Bum Tanning Titanium Package Prices

Beach Bum Tanning’s Titanium packages start as little as $25 per session and offer an extensive range of savings the more you use it. This includes:

5 Pack                  $99.00

  • 10 Pack-              $175.00
  • 20 Pack-              $299.00
  • Beach Pass-        $99.00

Beach Bum Tanning Diamond Package Prices

Beach Bum Tanning’s most expansive service package, the Diamond Package starts at $30 for a walk-in sessions and the following prices for packages:

  • 5 Pack – $120.00
  • 10 Pack – $216.00
  • 20 Pack                – $359.00
  • 30 Day Unlimited – $199.00
  • Beach Pass- $99.00

Beach Bum Tanning Prices

Individual Beach Bum Tanning prices also offer great value for money. Also, packages are available if you want to use the service multiple times throughout the week or month. The company offers a range of tanning equipment to provide different results according to your needs!

Infrared Suite Prices

Starting at $24 for a single visit, the infrared tanning treatment is the classic sunbed experience. This gives the chance to get a nice tan on your skin, with additional sessions producing darker skin tones. Packages are available in 5, 10, and 20 packs for additional savings.

Airbrush Prices

A standard airbrush tanning experience, prices for this service at Beach Bum Tanning remain very affordable. Packages are also available should you want to buy your airbrush sessions on one bulk package. Beach Bum Tanning airbrush prices start at $40 for a single session, with 5, 10, and 20 packs available for additional savings.

Sunless Booth Prices

Want a safe tanning experience? Then look no further than the sunless booth from Beach Bum Tanning. Available with 3 color finishes, the Sunless Booth from Beach Bum Tanning is a special spray tan that rejuvenates the skin.

Beach Bum Tanning’s sunless both prices start at $30 for a single visit, while you can save more by booking a pack of multiple sessions. 5, 10, and 20 pack sessions are available and offer lots of savings for those that use tanning beds frequently.

Monthly Beach Bum Membership Price

A monthly Beach Bum membership price costs $125 and offers a range of discounts, perks, and other awesome incentives.

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