ilovekickboxing Prices and Membership

iLoveKickboxing is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to a traditional gym membership. Rather than giving access to countless machines and leaving you to your devices, iLoveKickboxing offers group kickboxing classes. These are held throughout the week, giving members the chance to up their fitness levels and get into amazing shape. If you want more information on the prices for a membership at iLoveKickboxing, then check out our extensive guide below!

ilovekickboxing Prices
Enrollment Fee$129.99
Monthly Membership Fee$145-$195
3 Class Pacakage$145.00

Of course, this is only a good thing if iLoveKickboxing prices offer value for money. Thankfully, this is certainly the case, with iLoveKickboxing membership fees being very affordable. Better still, their classes offer something very different to a traditional gym experience, helping many achieve their fitness goals.

Like most health and fitness franchises, iLoveKickboxing membership prices may differ from location to location. Thankfully, most follow very similar price points, meaning the prices aren’t too different. All iLoveKickboxing membership prices do come with an enrolment fee – like most gyms – which costs $129.99

iLoveKickboxing Prices for a Monthly Membership  

As with any gym, iLoveKickboxing ooffers a standard monthly membership. The prices of a monthly membership are varied from each location as mentioned, although the differences are very minor.

For instance, an iLoveKickboxing membership fee for a month is generally between $145 and $195. Considering this includes access to countless kickboxing classes over the month, it offers great value for money.

Of course, you need to remain committed to your classes to get the most out of your membership! According to iLoveKickboxing reviews this isn’t hard though, as the classes are fun and deliver impressive results.

Many feel it’s even better than a normal gym because you’re always working as part of group in an intense class, keeping each member motivated to hit their fitness goals. Plus, by looking at all the success stories on their website, iLoveKickboxing has motivated countless members to get into the shape of their life!

iLoveKickboxing Prices for a 3 Class Package

Committing to a monthly membership at iLoveKickboxing is quite daunting of course. So, if you’re unsure of whether you’re going to commit to all these classes throughout a month, consider their 3 class package.

The iLoveKickboxing 3 class package price starts at $145 and offers three kickboxing classes with a personal trainer. It’s a great way to get a taste for their service and whether you like their classes.

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