Having carved out a loyal niche in the American market, Japanese automaker Subaru has several popular models available in the United States. Most Subaru buyers are attracted by hallmarks of the company’s vehicles, namely their all-wheel capabilities or their affordable range of sports cars.

Conventional Oil Change$29.99
Synthetic Blend Oil Change$44.99
Fully Synthetic Oil Change$59.99

Getting a Subaru Oil Change

There are few types of car maintenance as important as oil changes, and Subaru vehicles are no different. As their robust engines feature various moving parts that are in constant contact with each other, engines are prone to overheating, which is why oil is so important.

Engine oil helps to cool the engine by lubricating all the moving parts, reducing the heat caused by friction. It also helps to protect the engine from small particles that may damage various components by gathering dust, dirt and debris.
However, as all engine oil eventually breaks down and becomes ineffective, your Subaru will eventually require an oil change.

It’s clear just how important it is to get your Subaru’s oil changed – be sure not to avoid it!

Subaru Dealership Oil Change Prices

Visiting a local Subaru dealership for an oil change is always a great idea. This is because they employ specially trained technicians that are expects in all things Subaru – including oil changes!

Better still, Subaru oil change prices at dealerships aren’t much more expensive than auto centers, in fact they tend to be around the same price. For example:

Conventional Oil Change $29.99– Conventional oil for a cost-effective option
Synthetic Blend Oil Change $44.99– A blend of synthetic and conventional oil
Fully Synthetic Oil Change $59.99 – Premium synthetic oil for optimal lubrication

As you can seem rates are almost the exact same as any other place, but more importantly, getting an oil change by Subaru technicians ensures the job is completed the highest standards.
They know your vehicle better than most mechanics, so will have the best understanding of what oil to use, considering your car model and any driving habits you have.

Prices and Costs