Hollywood Tan Prices

HT42 (1-STAR): beach look with a base tan requires 5 to 6 sessions.$7.99
HT54 (2-STAR): Requires 4 to 5 s10-minute Tan. sessions to achieve a fabulous tan.$14
HT60 (3-STAR): Requires 3 to 4 sessions of 8 minutes Tan$18
HT High Pressure Booth: You will only require 2 to 3 minutes and each session lasts about 11 mins$22.99
Sunbeds: This is a Stand Up UV Tan$25
Stand Up Tanning: $25
Sunless Spray Tanning: This is a temporary tan in which A Sunless Spray/mis will be used for this procedure and you will notice a different within 2 to 3 hours. After 24 hours you will notice a significatn Tan.$24.99
Instant Tan: Instant Tanning with Powered by Mystic Tans$22-$25
The Auto Revolution: $25

Prices and Costs